Soil Supplements

  • Chicken Manure
    Chicken manure is the best fertilizer you can use for plants. It includes all micronutrients as well as NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) -link. It also helps improve soil pH level in soil -link. It will help protect the plant from soil born diesases and pests while increasing soil texture and water retention capabilities. Our field tests show that using chicken manure that has been properly aged has resulted in earlier flowering of plants, better crop quality and higher yield (compared to plain soil, cow manure or artificial fertilizers). The main thing with chicken manure is to make sure that the manure is well decomposted before using on plants.
  • Cow Manure
    Cow manure is an excellent choice to use with young plants and seeds because it does not need to be decomposted first and it still provides enough nutrients for the small plants. It is always better to add chicken manure at a later stage once the plant has grown some.
  • Burnt Rice Hulls
    Burnt rice hulls help add quality and texture to soil, improving the air circulation to the roots. Burnt rice hulls have a high water retention capability, which is especially important in dry climates. They also help nutrilize high salt content in soil. When you add fertilizers to the plant base, the burnt rice hulls can absorb some of the fertilizers once disolved in water; the fertilizers can then be released slowly over a period of time, helping keep the plants from being overwhelmed by too much fertilizer all at once but also delivering enough quantity over time.
  • Coconut Kandy
    Coconut kandy is an excellent media for using when planting seeds (such as in a nursery or seedling trays) It should be filtered before using It will soften the soil texture, increasing the plant root growth and water content. Since it does not carry most soil born diseases it is the primary media used in soilless cultivation also.
  • Growth Regulators (Hormones)
    Growth regulators (or hormones) are used by most modern farms because they help increase crop yield and quality. They can also be used to accelerating flowering which results in an earlier crop output. Our hormones have been brought direct from the United States of America and include - Gibberellic Acid, IAA and IBA.